The XXth Century Ensemble Vienna: Schonberg & Selection of Chinese Contemporary Works

Publish Time2019/3/8 16:14:02    

  Performance timeApr 27 7:30pm

  Performance placeHe Luting Concert Hall


  Invitedby Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the XXth Century EnsembleViennawill present Schönberg¨s Pierrot lunaire as well asnew works of Chinese composers, such asA Winter Landscape(world premiere)by famous composer Xu Shuya, The Sun Shadow VIIIof Qin Wenchen, Ink Splashing Iof Wen Deqing and Zhong Kuiof Shen Yeasthe concert is themed as^Chinese-Western Integration ̄.Founded by conductor Peter Burwik, the XXth Century EnsembleVienna brings together orchestraplayersand freelance musicians fromVienna. The orchestra was established to display 20th century music globally so as to promote contemporary creative works. The orchestra has performed frequently in those such asAustria Shitai Autumn Festival, Krnten Summer Festival and Linz Bruckner Festival. The ensemblewill bring the ^new ̄experience of contemporary music works toaudiences, and arouse different music thoughtswith high-quality new works.


  Zhong Gui SHEN Ye

  A Winter Landscape (world premiere) XU Shuya

  The Sun Shadow VIIIQin Wenchen

  Ink Splashing IWen Deqing

  Pierrot lunaire, with soloist Kaoko Amano (singer)Schönberg