Chinese Orchestra Symphony Ode To Peace

Time:May 1, 2015

Venue:Shanghai Oriental Art Center Concert Hall

National Orchestra ODE To Peace was composed by noted Chinese composer Zhao Jiping with 3 years. It is first large symphony reflecting history of Nanjing Massacre, opposition to aggression war, appeal for world peace, and expression of theme of times. ODE To Peace was performed for the first time by Nanjing National Orchestra in May, 2004, won highly appraisal of numerous auidences and music professionals, with honor of Unprecedented Event of Contemporary National Orchestra and Extraordinary Perspective Works. The concert will be conducted by noted conductor Xia Feiyun. Huge cast of 120 performers consisting of Shanghai Feiyun National Orchestra and Nanjing National Orchestra, will perform the magnificent fine folk together with Mixed Voice Choir and Children Choir. 


                        1、Chinese Dulcimer Concerto <Yellow River>

                                                               Composed by Xian Xinghai

                                                              Arranged by Zhai Chunquan

                                                              Performed by Niu Fanqiong

                        2、Tenor Solo <Along the Sungari River>

                                                               Composed by Zhang Hanhui

                                                               Arranged by Wang Mingjue

                                                                 Performed by Xu Runtao

                        3、Tenor Solo <Ode to Yanan >

                                                        Composed by Mo Ye/Zheng Lvcheng

                                                               Arranged by Wang Mingjue

                                                                 Performed by Xu Runtao

                        4、So-Na and the orchestra Glowing Red Morningstar Lilies

                                                  Composes and Arranged by Wang Mingjue

                                                                 Performed by Zuo Yiwei


                        5、Large National Symphony <Ode to Peace>

                                                                Composed by Zhao Jiping

                           I. Jinling and the Yangtze River

                           II. The Tears of the River

                           III. The Sorrow of the River

                           IV. The Fury of the River

                           V. Ode to Peace

Xia freiyun

Xia freiyun is a renowned Chinese Orchestra conductor and he is the first professional conductor for Chinese Orchestra with strict education.

Xia Feiyun has a deep musical knowledge of both Chinese and Western backgrounds. He is also rather  familiar with features of various Chinese music instruments, which enables him to demonstrate the essence of Chinese music. His conducting is charming and accurate with profound and delicate interpretation of works, simple style and harmonious cooperation with the orchestra. He cooperated with Shanghai Conservatory of Music Orchestra, Shanghai National Music Orchestra, Central National Orchestra and Shanghai Beijing Opera Troupe respectively. He was employed as Chief Conductor of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, performed in different countries, and lectured in Hong Kong and thus honored as “remarkable conductor”, “experienced conducting educator”. In 2012, Xia Feiyun established Shanghai Fei-yun Chinese Orchestra, acted as its director, Art Director and conductor.

Shanghai Fei-yun Chinese Orchestra

Shanghai Fei-yun Chinese Orchestra was established by renowned conductor Professor Xia Feiyun in the early of 2012. It is only large orchestra established spontaneously by conductors, performers and educators hitherto. Professor Xia Feiyun is director, conductor and Art Director of the Orchestra which has members of world-famous performers such as Weng Zhenfa, Xu Chaoming, Zuo Yiwei and Cao Yuande, etc. In recent years, guided by Professor Xia Feibun, Shanghai FeiYun Chinese Orchestra has been a professional and energetic orchestra with full configuration, professional performance and vitality, which aroused keen attention from experts and enthusiasts. Feiyun Chinese Orchestra won highly praise of Mr Piao Dongsheng and Mr Liu Xijin, two successive Chairmen of Chinese Folk Orchestra Society for its well-training and professional level.

Introduction of the Nanjing National Orchestra

Founded in 1986, Nanjing Chinese Orchestra is sole organized folk orchestra in Jiangsu province and also one of influential professional folk instrumental music groups. Nanjing Chinese Orchestra has a cast of prestigious domestic and foreign musicians and won proclaims and praise of worldwide music lovers and authoritative art professionals by its wonderful performances full of strong Chinese national music style, local characteristics and spirit of times. Since its establishment in 1988, Nanjing Chinese Orchestra has been invited to more than twenty countries and areas for performances. It is commented as “a high-class orchestra of the People’s Republic of China and authorized as “the Major Troupes for Culture Exchanges” by the State Ministry of Culture.

Chinese Dulcimer Solo: Niu Fanqiong

Niu Fanqiong is a young Chinese dulcimer performer. She gained a master degree of Chinese Dulcimer from Central Conservatory of Music, and is a Chinese dulcimer lecturer in Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She won a bronze medal of First National Folk Musical Instrument Solo Competition for Adolescent (Professional Teenager Group); a gold medal for Second CCTV Folk Music Competition (Traditional Group); a gold medal for Third American “Feiyang World” Folk Music World Cup (Adult Group). In October 2012, she has awarded the gold medal of Young Teacher Group A in First National Chinese Dulcimer Festival. In June 2013, she held personal concert successfully.

Tenor: Xu Runtao

Xu Runtao is a young tenor and a member of Shanghai Musicians Association. He graduated from Vocal Music and Opera Department, Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He learnt from Professor Liao Changyong and Professor Zhang Renqing, and was awarded first price in numerous major national and international competitions, such as First Hong Kong International Opera Competition (Western Opera Group), Opera Competition of the Rome International Music Festival, and the 41st International Bellini Vocal Music Competition in Italy, etc. He held two solo concerts in recent years and gained rather highly appraisal from professionals and audiences. He is now appointed as full-time art director of Student Art Troupe of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

So-Na (Trumpet) Solo: Zuo Yiwe

Zuo Yiwei is Vice Director of the Fei-yun Chinese Orchestra, Chief of So-Na (a woodwind instrument). He is a national first-class actor and a member of the Chinese Musicians Associations, Director of Chinese Folk Orchestra Society, Honorary Adviser of Professional National So-Na Committee, and Director of Shanghai Professional Musicians Association. He used to be leader of Shanghai Film Orchestra Band, Director of Shanghai Oriental Broadcast Traditional Orchestra, Vice Director of Shanghai National Music Orchestra. Presently, he is Senior Editor in Broadcast Center of Shanghai, and Artistic Adviser of Shanghai Media Folk Music Orchestra. He was a soloist in Lanzhou Military Air Force Art Troupe, Shanghai Film Orchestra, Shanghai East Radio Folk Music Orchestra and Shanghai National Music Orchestra. Mr. Zuo Yiwei won prizes in Joint Performance of Whole Army, Shanghai Youth Joint Performance and Shanghai Spring International Music Festival. He also recorded personal albums of So-Na, Reed Pipe and saxophone and held Solo Orchestra Music Concert successfully.

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