Concert by Portuguese Fado Singer Katia Guerreiro

  Time: May 13, 2014, 7:15pm

  Venue:Shanghai Oriental Art Center


Katia Guerreiro is a famous Portuguese Fado singer. Her voice is deep, exquisite, soft and full of emotion. Fado comes from Latin word Fatum, which means the fate. It is a well-known traditional Portuguese folk song style which has already 150 years’ of history. And it is regarded as the national treasure of Portugal.

As the art representative of Fado music, Katia Guerreiro brings the Fado music to every corner of the world, and she has been invited to participate in various kinds of musical festivals and music concerts. In 2005, she received the award of celebrity woman of the year because of her extraordinary accomplishments in art. The audience appraised that’ her voice has unusual texture’ . Same year, she was also elected as a member of the Association of European Culture. Since her debut in 2001, Katia Guerreiro had released 8 albums.

During this concert, Katia Guerreiro will perform her well-known pieces to bring the charm of Fado music to the Chinese audience.

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